Friday, February 25, 2011

Web II Crossover

One of my favorite things to participate in as a scout mom and den leader is the Weblo II's crossover to Boy Scouts.  It's so awesome to watch boys who have put in such hard work take that well earned walk over the bridge to join their new troop waiting for them.  Just last year we watched Noah make that transition, and this year he was one of the Boy Scouts waiting on the other side to welcome the new members of his troop.  Micah, a Wolf, helped to build the bridge that the boys would walk over.  The bridge is "built" of different planks each a symbol of how far the young man has come in his scouting career.
After the boys crossover they take off their bub scout sash, slide, and hat and have them replaced by a new member of their troop.  This was great for Noah and meant a lot to him, to be able to also recognize how far he has come in the year that he has been a Boy Scout.
The New members of the troop pose with the fellow scouts.  Congratulations Boys!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Date

For Valentines Day this year the Dad's wanted to take the 2 best friends out on a date.  It didn't work out the Saturday before Valentines Day because Rob was sick in bed with the flu - and most restaurants are closed in Germany on Mondays (actual Valentine's Day) - so they had to settle for a week late.  Rob bought Sarah flowers and the 4 of them went out on a nice double date to a great Chinese restaurant.

Nintendo 3DS

The same time as the Blue and Gold was going on the BX was also showcasing the new Nintendo 3DS avaiable in May.  They had special guest, Charles Martinet, come and sign autographs.  Not sure who that is?  Neither was I... It is the man who does all the voices for the Super Mario Bros. games... you know "wahoooooo!" and "Mama Mia!" 
   Sarah and her friends waited in line close to 3 hours to get their pictures taken with him.  Noah also got a chance to try out the new 3DS - he said it was pretty awesome.

Blue and Gold

The Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet is held by our Pack in February every year in honor of the Boy Scout's birthday.  It is the time when the boys pin on their currant rank after working this school year to complete the achievements.  Usually there is some kind of them and contest between dens, a dinner or lunch, and then a ceremony.  This year's theme was "carnival" and all the dens came up with carnival games.  The boys spent a few hours playing the games for prizes, eating popcorn, cotton candy, and sandwiches before the ceremony. - (Left) Micah and Grant show off their popcorn during the game time of the carnival.
Our wolf den had 2 booths (since we're technically 2 dens combined).  Pictured above is our Milk-Bottle knock down game which won the award for most fun game!  To the right you can see the edge of the pool for our other game "Duck Pond" (you had to pick 3 ducks and add the numbers on the bottoms to get your prize number)

This time I made SURE to get a picture of Noah helping! 

another cool booth was the airbrush tattoos!  Here is a picture of most of the wolf den in front of our game booth (3 of the scouts weren't able to make it) and you can see some of their  tattoos in the picture.

Before the ceremony started we gathered the whole Pack together for a group picture.  What a fantastic group of kids and Moms!
Here are the pictures from the rank ceremony for the Wolves.  The parents pin the rank on with a special pin - upside down - on the boys' uniform.  Once the scout has done a good turn then they take the patch and sew it right side up on the uniform and give the pin to their parent. 

After all the dens earned their rank Mom had to make some very special presentation to a few of our leaders who are PCS'ing this year

Closing Flag ceremonies performed by the Wolf Den.  Micah was the announcer to retire the colors.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our computer had a bit of a crisis... well, more than that really - it died.
  It has had a new hard drive installed and slowly we're getting everything reinstalled and back to normal.  The camera software isn't installed yet, so I don't have any new pictures to upload and post, but there really hasn't been too much going on "photo worthy" to post.  We've all been keeping extremely busy with our parade of non-stop daily activities.  Sarah and I have been off facebook for close to 2 months, and while we thought that would give us MORE time without the ditraction we seem to have less time!I will get the blog updated with the few things we've been up to - but for now I'd like you to watch this trailer... this is Sarah's life.  Her teacher can be seen in a shot of this as our many of the dancers and friends she's made at various competitions.