Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sarah's Quilt and assorted Toys

We spent much of the holiday break from school cleaning, organizing, downsizing, and putting back together the whole of the toy room (meaning the Playmobil 3 castles, 3 pirate ship, and various other sets + the 4 huge tubs of legos)  When we were done the boys really wanted pictures of how cool all their stuff looked all set up.  They had a great time playing in there with all their toys - it was like they were brand new!  The boys always ask me to take pictures of their "battles" or "games" when they have them set up - since they worked SO HARD cleaning for days and days I decided to give in.  Not only that, but the pictures are even going to make it on the blog!

Sarah also received a surprise in the mail just a few days after the new year: The quilt her Grandma Bruhn has been making to go with her new bedding.  Sarah got to preview the quilt when we visited Florida, but it still had a ways to go before being finished... well, with our visit as motivation Grandma buckled down and got the quilt finished and sent off right after January 1st!  It is an amazing quilt and very "Sarah"!  The colors and patterns are perfect and Sarah is just THRILLED!

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