Saturday, January 22, 2011

Star Wars Pancakes

Our good friend's, the Schulte family, sent us these great Star War's pancake molds and we have been waiting for a free Saturday morning to use them....After we came home from the pinewood derby on Saturday, following an extra busy week where we did not have ONE night free, we all crashed on the couches - made breakfast for supper AND watched 2 star wars movies while eating star wars pancakes.

the Pinewood Derby

This years Pinewood Derby was a family affair!  Micah was racing, Krissie was there as a den leader, Noah was there as a Boy Scout volunteer, Sarah was helping run the Wolves den food stall, and Rob was there as Micah's race partner.  Micah's car came in 5th in his age group... so close behind the 4th place winner... it was only 1/10 of a seconds difference.  Micah's car was a YELLOW LAMBORGHINI
This is Micah and his best friend from the den, Grant.  They had a great time goofing off and cheering on their cars.  I don't have any good pictures of Noah helping... his green boy scout hat and yellow patrol patch can be seen in this picture behind Grant's head, though.  Poor Noah!
Our den was in charge of the lunch station.  When Krissie had to do den leader duties Sarah and her friend, Hannah, would help man the station. 
Here is a picture of the top 4 Wolf winners with the Cubmaster.  - Krissie has the only Wolf den in the pack and there are 12 boys in the den.  They're all great kids!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sarah's Quilt and assorted Toys

We spent much of the holiday break from school cleaning, organizing, downsizing, and putting back together the whole of the toy room (meaning the Playmobil 3 castles, 3 pirate ship, and various other sets + the 4 huge tubs of legos)  When we were done the boys really wanted pictures of how cool all their stuff looked all set up.  They had a great time playing in there with all their toys - it was like they were brand new!  The boys always ask me to take pictures of their "battles" or "games" when they have them set up - since they worked SO HARD cleaning for days and days I decided to give in.  Not only that, but the pictures are even going to make it on the blog!

Sarah also received a surprise in the mail just a few days after the new year: The quilt her Grandma Bruhn has been making to go with her new bedding.  Sarah got to preview the quilt when we visited Florida, but it still had a ways to go before being finished... well, with our visit as motivation Grandma buckled down and got the quilt finished and sent off right after January 1st!  It is an amazing quilt and very "Sarah"!  The colors and patterns are perfect and Sarah is just THRILLED!