Sunday, December 12, 2010

How lovely are thy branches

This year we went with a couple of families from Noah's scout troop to cut down our own tree.  We walked around the lot, picked out a tree, took turns sawing, and brought it home.  It was really wonderful and we so enjoyed the experience.  After all the families chose their trees we hung out and shared cookies and hot cocoa.  Once it started snowing/raining the party kinda broke up and we went home to put up our tree!  We decorated it that afternoon/evening, but I didn't take a picture of it =(
I LOVE Micah's face when he was sawing.  Noah did most of the work, but everyone took a turn.  They trimmed the bottom branches of the tree, so you only cut the top 3/4 of it down to use.
Walking to the car, and Mr. Mol helping Rob get the tree on the top of the car.
Enjoying hot cocoa and cookies
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