Wednesday, December 1, 2010

across the universe

The blog posts dated November 12th - through this one (December 1st) 2010 are all about our trip to the states.  It was our very first time traveling back to the states since moving to Germany in March of 2005.  We were able to take the trip because of the Spcae-A travel (or "hopping") that the military offers to active duty, dependents, and retirees.  The trip was nearly a year in the planning stages and lasted 3 weeks.  We had an awesome adventure as you can read by the posts. 

(above - hanging out in the USO at the BWI airport, killing time waiting for roll call)

This picture was taken somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in between time zones.  So, it is either Tuesday November 30th or Wednesday December 1st.  We managed to catch the first hop we tried for out of the AMC terminal in BWI airport on Tuesday.  That was all Providence though as there were 150 people trying to 46 seats.  As those names were being called 14 more active duty guys showed up needing a seat on this flight (because they were traveling on military orders) knocking the space-A seats down to 32.  We were so worried we would get bumped, but our name was high on the Cat. 3 list because we had been on leave since Nov. 10th and we ended up getting to stay on the flight.  We were incredibly thankful, but sorry for the other people we had met while waiting for roll call.  This is the chance you take with space-A travel and while we ended up having a fairly decent experience getting on flights it is not worth the anxiety to us! We won't be trying to travel back to the states before our scheduled PCS!  The flight was  very rough going with turbulence off the east coast of the US, over the Atlantic, and then again off the coast of Ireland.  Rob and I are very nervous flyers and we were VERY thankful to touch down on Ramstein AB!  The kids were able to sleep for a large portion of the flight and only Noah seemed particularly bothered by all the dips and shaking.
   Once we landed (to rainy skies with at least 2" of snow on the ground!) we went to pick up our dog, and the family watching him had also gone and bought us a few grocery staples to take home!  What an incredible blessing that was - we went home to a spaghetti dinner, ready to face the jet-lag!
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