Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 turns into 2011

We brought in the NEW YEAR at the Briggs house, as is our annual tradition.  Movies, Games, lots and lots of snack food and wonderful laughs.  This year was a little more low-key with Eric deployed and the crazy cold, snowy weather - but it did make for some excellent sledding down the Briggs very steep, icy hill just a short walk away from their house.  We had a GREAT time and the kids had SO MUCH fun!  We left shortly after midnight and were all asleep by 1:30 AM.  (Micah and Noelle head down the icy hill on a sled)
Look at the air they caught over the jump!  I'm not posting all the sledding pictures I took - 1) because this would be the 50th post with sledding pictures and 2) that hill was so steep and so fast that most of the time I was closing my eyes and praying as the kids were coming down and not thinking about pictures!!
I did get a few really cute pictures of the kids in the snow.... much safer!
Can you tell from these pictures which 80's classic we watched with the kids tonight?  They LOVED it and now know why their parents constantly say silly things like, "wax on - wax off"

Sarah and Hannah hanging out, painting their nails, and listening to music... ahhh, Heaven.
We had fun lighting sparklers and watching the fireworks on the balcony while we waited for midnight.  Most of the kids enjoyed the sparklers, although EJ decided he wanted to wait until next year to hold one (when Dad was there), and Noelle was VERY nervous at first. Lily, daredevil, LOVED it and would have kept going all night!

The sparkling grape juice toast right after midnight on the balcony while watching the fireworks!
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