Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 turns into 2011

We brought in the NEW YEAR at the Briggs house, as is our annual tradition.  Movies, Games, lots and lots of snack food and wonderful laughs.  This year was a little more low-key with Eric deployed and the crazy cold, snowy weather - but it did make for some excellent sledding down the Briggs very steep, icy hill just a short walk away from their house.  We had a GREAT time and the kids had SO MUCH fun!  We left shortly after midnight and were all asleep by 1:30 AM.  (Micah and Noelle head down the icy hill on a sled)
Look at the air they caught over the jump!  I'm not posting all the sledding pictures I took - 1) because this would be the 50th post with sledding pictures and 2) that hill was so steep and so fast that most of the time I was closing my eyes and praying as the kids were coming down and not thinking about pictures!!
I did get a few really cute pictures of the kids in the snow.... much safer!
Can you tell from these pictures which 80's classic we watched with the kids tonight?  They LOVED it and now know why their parents constantly say silly things like, "wax on - wax off"

Sarah and Hannah hanging out, painting their nails, and listening to music... ahhh, Heaven.
We had fun lighting sparklers and watching the fireworks on the balcony while we waited for midnight.  Most of the kids enjoyed the sparklers, although EJ decided he wanted to wait until next year to hold one (when Dad was there), and Noelle was VERY nervous at first. Lily, daredevil, LOVED it and would have kept going all night!

The sparkling grape juice toast right after midnight on the balcony while watching the fireworks!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

fun with friends

To celebrate vacation we invitted a bunch of friends over to play.  The boys had Lego ship building contests and played on the Wii and the girls all stamped and paper-crafter these lovely notebooks.

Monday, December 27, 2010

sNOw more pictures!

Monday morning we took off to our favorite hill to sled, again.  Just how many sledding pictures will you have to endure on my blog?  Judging by the way the weather has been I am guessing a fair few more before we are done with this winter!!!!  

Phantom sure does wear himself out chasing us up and down the hill 1,000 times!
After sledding we took off to run some errands - like cashing Christmas checks from grandparents.  The boys already spent all their money.  Noah on a Nerf gun (and extra bullets) and a Hero factory Lego set.  Micah bought 2 Hero factory Lego sets.  Sarah plans to save her money for clothes.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning sure is different with OLDER kids in the house!  We all slept in until about 8:00AM and then calmly opened presents....  I actually beat the kids up and caught a picture of the tree before I slipped in to make some coffee.

We actually did NOT take 1,000 pictures of the kids opening every single gift this year, or of the entire day afterwards. This "before" picture is one of the only present pictures we ended up taking.

playing new Wii games, board games, Sarah's new Kindle, and new Playmobil toys!
these are the only pictures we got from the rest of the day, too!  We made a huge feast and had our friends, the Briggs, over for dinner - we played on the Wii, watched movies, and feasted.  They had to leave a little early because Lily wasn't feeling well.  We were so happy that during a 4 days pass with his family from his deployment Eric and his family came over to spend the evening with us.  We were having too marvelous of a time to take pictures, though!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas 2010
We took this picture because we were all dressed and ready to head out to our candle light Christmas Eve service when we got the news that it has been canceled for tonight.  It has been snowing non-stop all day and that is making driving too treacherous for travel.  We are not sad to be stuck at home together, in fact it's our favorite crowd!  We are sad to miss out on the teaching, carols, and fellowship time with the dear sweet people of Trinity Reformed Church, though.

Monday, December 20, 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful..

MORE SNOW!  We got another 4" of snow today - piano was canceled and Daddy got sent home early!  Do the boys look like they are sitting in a sea of white?  There is just SO MUCH snow!  

looking down our street across the farmer's field to the village.
our puppy just LOVES the snow.  
look at all the bread!  Four different kinds..... but I may never even get to leave the house to give it out....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowed in Sunday

and the non-stop snow continues!  Services and Sunday School were canceled today because of all the snow and dangerous driving.  We stayed home, played in the snow, baked a TON of holiday bread, watched some Christmas classics......

My Mom requested a picture of our decorated tree, so I figured I could include them in this post...

Friday, December 17, 2010

what could be better than.....

SLEEPOVER FRIDAY!  Noah had his friend Simon over, Micah had his friend Ben, and we were watching the Deaters dog, Tango, so ALL my boys had a sleepover!  IT was a really fun day.  Rob was off work because of a goal day so he took the boys sledding in the afternoon - then they all came back for hot chocolate, Wii, spaghetti dinner, Lego's, and lots and lots of laughing.  
Rob took the boys to a great hill a little way away from our house.  All the snowfall has really made for some great sledding.  We have this one sled that caught some SERIOUS speed.  Look at that snow flying into Noah's face!

LOOK how happy Phantom looks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

our scouting boys...

Tuesday the boys both had their scouting meetings.  Then on Wednesday Micah had a Pack meeting.

Noah's meeting was a Court of Honor and Christmas party.  Noah was presented with his nuclear science merit badge, recognized for advancing to the next rank, and his patrol was recognized for making National Honor Patrol. We are so proud of Noah.  He really loves scouting.

Noah's scoutmaster, Mr. Mol.

Micah at the Pack meeting with the cake we decorated for the annual cake auction.
Close up of the campfire cake.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How lovely are thy branches

This year we went with a couple of families from Noah's scout troop to cut down our own tree.  We walked around the lot, picked out a tree, took turns sawing, and brought it home.  It was really wonderful and we so enjoyed the experience.  After all the families chose their trees we hung out and shared cookies and hot cocoa.  Once it started snowing/raining the party kinda broke up and we went home to put up our tree!  We decorated it that afternoon/evening, but I didn't take a picture of it =(
I LOVE Micah's face when he was sawing.  Noah did most of the work, but everyone took a turn.  They trimmed the bottom branches of the tree, so you only cut the top 3/4 of it down to use.
Walking to the car, and Mr. Mol helping Rob get the tree on the top of the car.
Enjoying hot cocoa and cookies