Wednesday, November 10, 2010

all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

Wednesday November 10th - Thursday November 11th
all T's crossed, all I's dotted... prayers said... and away we go.
   Rob's leave officially started at midnight and we are packed and ready to go.  The dog is safely situated at the first of his 3 home-away-from-homes.  Space-A travel - here we come!
  Wednesday The first flight we were going to try for was a rotator (a commercially charted jet carrying active duty soldiers on orders) flight from Ramstein to BWI on Wed.  Roll call was scheduled for 10 AM, however, due to high winds and bad weather in Italy the plane couldn't take off from there and the flight was postponed until Thursday.  We decided to try for a C-17 cargo flight into Charleston AB scheduled for Wed. evening.  We made the roll call, however, AFTER they checked our luggage and gave us boarding passes they discovered more cargo that had to be loaded onto the plane bumping our seats.  We went home Wed, night horribly disappointed and sad. 
   Thursday we decided to try for the rotator flight once more, but as roll call kept getting pushed further and further back we began to think we might not make it out until Friday.... and then they announce the flight and that there were 100 space-a seats available.  After they gave us boarding passes and checked our luggage (we'd been here not 24 hours before) we began to feel a little hopeful.  Waiting for the scheduled boarding time we passed our time in the USO touching base with those stateside waiting for us, those in Germany praying for us to make it out, and a rental car company to carry us to Florida.  
   We boarded the plane along with a great many other ecstatic space-a travelers and were on our way!  Headed to BWI and in less that 12 hours we hoped to be with our friends, the Phillips, in West Virgina....

Waiting in the terminal on Ramstein AB for our roll call.
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