Thursday, November 18, 2010

And I'm seeing familiar places, faces In my pile of coffee grounds

On Tuesday we headed over to Lakeland, Florida to visit with our good friends, the McQuade's.  We were very close with this family during their time in Germany and haven't seen them since they left for more than 2 years ago.  This was also the first time we got to meet their newest addition, Hope, whom they adopted from China just after moving to the states.  We had planned to stay until Wednesday evening, but Micah's stomach flu caught up with the rest of us and we had to leave a bit early.  We were glad to know that we had another week and a half in Florida so that we didn't have to say goodbye under such unpleasant circumstances.  

The kids enjoyed lots of Wii time together - playing Super Mario bros. and Beatles Rock Band.  I love the shot of Hopie singing!
The younger boys had a GREAT time getting to know each other once again.  They played together just as though they hadn't been separated by so much distance the last 2 years.  This time, though, Micah was not just a 5 year old tag-along brother, but one of the gang.

Curran and Sarah, who had been great friends when they lived in Germany had a great time terrorizing poor customers at WalMart and staying up late watching movies and eating raw cookie dough.
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