Friday, November 26, 2010

Nobody said it was easy, It's such a shame for us to part

 On Friday afternoon we went over to hang out at the McQuades for the last time during this trip.  It was a bittersweet because we had the whole afternoon/evening to be there, but we knew it was goodbye and that kind of hung over us.  They were great hosts and we had a lovely visit.  We so enjoyed our time with them, especially the kids.
   (left) Rylan drove with Sarah and Curran to pick up frosty's at Wendy's for all the kids.
The Backyard - to the left is the pool and to the right is the garage.

The Chicken pen.  The McQuades have egg-laying chickens that they will use as part of a co-op and chickens for meat that they will raise and sell to help pay for the adoption of their newest addition from China, Liam Patrick.

The Tree house in the backyard, site of many good times.

Hope, the youngest McQuade joined the family 2 years ago.  Grace, now 5, was adopted while they were still living in Germany.

Eamon and Haydn.

Curran and Rylan

hanging out in the kitchen, snacking with Jenn's paretns.
Playing in the backyard... Noah and Haydn were making a movie with Legos... so you can see Noah's eyes are actually watching what Haydn's doing (out of the picture) 

 Sarah (left) fixing Curran's coat and (right) being silly and playing the drums while Curran plays guitar.
Watching a movie toward the end of the night you can see Sarah is getting worn out, but does not want to say goodbye so willing herself to not be tired.
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