Saturday, November 13, 2010

just a sweet, old song keeps Georgia on my mind

FIVE STATES + EIGHT HOURS + Rob Murphy = our faithful friends, the Foggs.
   We left West Virgina early, early, early on Saturday morning and traveled through Virginia, North Caroline, South Carolina, and into Gerogia by early afternoon.  Not only did we get to spend a very enjoyable visit with our friends, the Foggs, but Rob's cousin, Stephanie (on temporary duty from TX) got to meet up with us at a park in Augusta to hang out for a little bit.
   We had a very enjoyable dinner (Nancy is a great cook!)  and spent a lovely evening with the Fogg's before heading on ..........

At the Park, meeting Stephanie.
hanging out with the Fogg's, minus their son, Robert, who was on a youth trip with his church.
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