Friday, November 19, 2010

for tomorrow may rain so, I'll follow the sun

Friday we took off for my parent's favorite beach - Passe Grill (it's near the St. Petersburg Beach). Krissie had wanted to get family pictures on the beach.  Of course we had to take the pictures when we first got to the beach because we didn't want everyone to have to change into their "nice" close at the end of the day, especially after spending the entire day in the sand and surf... the only problem with that is we got there around midday, so all the pictures had to be taken in the direct sunlight..... Oh, well, you work with what you got, right?  So, we all look a little squinty, or shadowy, BUT we're on a beach in Florida and we all match - so I'm gonna call it a success!

Kids on the beach.
After we took the "posed" pictures we all changed into swimsuits and spent a very enjoyable day on the beach.  We played in the ocean, hunted for shells, built castles, walked down to the "shack" (a very yummy beach front hamburger joint, saw lots of ocean wildlife, a lounged on towels in the sun. 

The boys had THE most fun on the beach.  Micah had never played in the ocean before and was the only one brave enough to go in over his head (the sun was warm, but the water was COLD).  They played in the water right up until it was time to leave.

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