Friday, November 12, 2010

almost heaven, West Virginia

We have landed!  After a loooooong flight we landed in Maryland.  We got our bags and took a shuttle to the rental car place.  After loading up in the car we discovered that our GPS (the one we bought in Germany) didn't work in the US despite having US maps and claiming to on the packaging.  sigh.  BACK into the rental car place to rent one of their GPS units.  We then begin making our way to Ellen's house in West Virginia.  Along the way we stop to buy a disposable cell phone at Wal Mart.  It's nearing midnight, local time, and we have all been up for nearly 30 hours.  The kids, asleep in the backseat of our rented Chevy Impala, stay in the car with their Dad and Krissie runs into Wal-Mart - too tired to realize that EVERY store in Europe would be closed by now and sometimes it's nice to have a 24-hour option.  Of course the cell phone REQUIRES the use of a phone to activate, so around the parking lot we travel - BACK into Wal-Mart to use the pay phone.  FINALLY the phone works, Ellen is contacted and is very hospitable about house guests arriving at 2 AM.
   We pull up to Ellen's house (Bill is already in MO getting set up there - oh, did I forget to mention that they are moving to Missouri in TWO WEEKS!?!?)  a little after 2 AM and after some brief, but fiercely emotional, greetings we settle into our assigned beds - exhausted, emotionally drained, but so thankful to God for carrying out our desires and brining us safely to the states and into the loving arms of our waiting, long-time, friends.
   On Friday we stayed to hang out with Ellen and the kids all day.  It was an incredibly relaxing day and we are so grateful that they took time out of their packing and getting ready to move across the country to just chill-out with us.  We barely saw the 4 boys (except when they were hungry), Jadi was feeling a bit under the weather and Sarah had a horrible crick in her neck from sleeping weird on the plane stuck close to the couches all day and Sarah was guided, by Jadi, through the wonders of cable TV (w/ commercials).  Ellen took Rob and Krissie to Wal-Mart and a delightful lunch at an amazing place they had NEVER been to before called, "Five Guys Burgers and Fries".

The boys had a great time playing video games, board games, games they made up, and just hanging out.

The girls chilling on the couches watching TV - Sarah has a heating pad around her neck to nurse the soreness.
Ellen and Krissie enjoy a coffee (or five) together while catching up.  Rob enjoyed playing with the Phillip's lovable dog, Commando, whom they call 'Mando.
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