Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah's 12th Birthday Party

Noah's Birthday Crew (L to R) Baylor, Aaron, Noah, Ian, Cabot, Simon, and Noah
We had planned Noah's skating/sleepover birthday party carefully around grandparents' visits, base exercises, and scouting activities.  We set the date aside 2 months ago and had our busy friends do the same.  What we didn't count on was an entire base shut down resulting in a last-minute "Plan B".  Instead of skating we just had everyone come stay the night at our house.  We loaned the other two kiddos out to friends and the sleepover boys had the entire house for themselves.  There was lots of Nerf battles, Lego building, Wii playing, and staying up tooooooo late involved.  For a Plan B it was a HUGE success!
The boys singing to Noah and then acting very silly made it VERY hard for Noah to blow out the candles.

After a breakfast of pancakes and bacon the boys played Wii and bulit Lego ships until their lunch, pizza, was ready.  What a life~

Before they left to go home, Noah and Simon show off the ships they built for the Lego contest.  Simon thinks HE won, he built himself a trophy to prove it.
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