Thursday, October 21, 2010

a bridge and a castle

On one of the last days that the grandparents were here we ventured to another of our favorite day trips - Heidleberg.  We spent time touring the castle, then walked down to the famous bridge crossing the Necker River.  Downtown Hedleberg has excellent shopping and so we would take turns warming up exploring the different shops. Ann's sister, Liz, had sent along some money so Ann could take us out for a treat on Auntie Liz, but it was too cold to stop for ice cream, so we ended up buying these yummy treats called "Schneeballen" and bringing them home to eat with a cup of hot chocolate.  Schneeballen means Snowball and they are flaky bits of cookie wrapped in a ball and filled with different flavors.  Super tasty!

We're going to see ANOTHER castle?  Oh, you poor, poor boys... living in Europe is SO TOUGH!

 The castle as seen from the bridge - with some stunning bridge models...
 The bridge as seen from the terrace of the castle.  The hill to climb up to the castle is pretty steep - but the view is totally worth it!
The Schneeballen treat - THANKS AUNTIE LIZ!
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