Saturday, October 30, 2010

95 reasons

Tonight was our church's reformation celebration.  We were entertained by some words from our Pastor, a skit (in which both my boys had a part), a song, and a DELICIOUS medieval feast.  A wonderful couple from our church, Dave and Debbie (pictured left) played Martin Luther and his wife, Kate.

Noah played indulgence salesman Johann Tetzle - we were a little lacking in the costume department, but at least he had his BIG stick!  Noah did a great job, I wish I could have gotten a snapshot of his horrified face when Martin Luther yelled at him.

Micah played a modern day student who went over to Luter's house for dinner and teaching.  Micah's line was, "I heard you went on a diet, did you really have to eat WORMS?!"  Both boys were SO great, and Micah was SUPER cute!

Brent and Noele performed this little ditty to the tune of , "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"  It was so great and they did a fantastic job.

After the skits and songs we enjoyed a delicious feast.  Once the feast was over there were games, activities, and crafts for the kids.  Since I was running one of the craft stations I do not have any pictures of that, but it was a wonderful evening and everyone enjoyed themselves!
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