Saturday, October 30, 2010

95 reasons

Tonight was our church's reformation celebration.  We were entertained by some words from our Pastor, a skit (in which both my boys had a part), a song, and a DELICIOUS medieval feast.  A wonderful couple from our church, Dave and Debbie (pictured left) played Martin Luther and his wife, Kate.

Noah played indulgence salesman Johann Tetzle - we were a little lacking in the costume department, but at least he had his BIG stick!  Noah did a great job, I wish I could have gotten a snapshot of his horrified face when Martin Luther yelled at him.

Micah played a modern day student who went over to Luter's house for dinner and teaching.  Micah's line was, "I heard you went on a diet, did you really have to eat WORMS?!"  Both boys were SO great, and Micah was SUPER cute!

Brent and Noele performed this little ditty to the tune of , "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"  It was so great and they did a fantastic job.

After the skits and songs we enjoyed a delicious feast.  Once the feast was over there were games, activities, and crafts for the kids.  Since I was running one of the craft stations I do not have any pictures of that, but it was a wonderful evening and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cub scout comm tour

One of the requirements for earning your Wolf Scout patch is to visit a government building... not too hard for all these Air Force/Army kids!  We took a tour of the main 86th Comm. Sq. building.  The boys had a good time being shown all the cool equipment.  You can't take a lot of pictures since it's a military installation and I actually had a security forces officer come and make me delete some pictures I had taken of the boys with some comm things in the background.... YIKES.. so this is all you get.  I love all these boys and am really enjoying leading the den this year!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a bridge and a castle

On one of the last days that the grandparents were here we ventured to another of our favorite day trips - Heidleberg.  We spent time touring the castle, then walked down to the famous bridge crossing the Necker River.  Downtown Hedleberg has excellent shopping and so we would take turns warming up exploring the different shops. Ann's sister, Liz, had sent along some money so Ann could take us out for a treat on Auntie Liz, but it was too cold to stop for ice cream, so we ended up buying these yummy treats called "Schneeballen" and bringing them home to eat with a cup of hot chocolate.  Schneeballen means Snowball and they are flaky bits of cookie wrapped in a ball and filled with different flavors.  Super tasty!

We're going to see ANOTHER castle?  Oh, you poor, poor boys... living in Europe is SO TOUGH!

 The castle as seen from the bridge - with some stunning bridge models...
 The bridge as seen from the terrace of the castle.  The hill to climb up to the castle is pretty steep - but the view is totally worth it!
The Schneeballen treat - THANKS AUNTIE LIZ!

Monday, October 18, 2010

along the Rhein

Our favorite place along the Rhein River has to be Burg Rheinfels.  These castle ruins are the absolute best for climbing, exploring, picture taking, and roaming.  We had a great (although slightly chilly) day hanging out at the castle.  I had fun with my camera, the boys had fun with their new swords, Sarah had fun with the dog, Rob enjoyed the food, and the grandparents just loved it all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

handing down traditions

While Grandma Ann was here she taught Rob (and Krissie, too) how to make her super-delicious homemade empanadas.  While Rob and I were busy in the kitchen Ann used the time to teach Sarah how to crochet.

Our house smelled SO YUMMY while we were baking the pumpkin, and then mashing it up with the spices and other ingredients. 
Enjoying the finished product.

Sarah learning to crochet

Monday, October 11, 2010

walking with the grandparents

GRANDMA ANN AND GRANDPA LEE ARE HERE!  They arrived on Saturday afternoon and we have been busy since.  We took them to church on Sunday and to the Karl's Valley gorge today.  This is one of our favorite spots to walk because of the great scenery.  We thought it would be a great time to grab some school pictures of the kids.  Since Grandma Ann is a haircutting whiz all the kids got haircuts before we left on the walk.  We also met up with our good friends, the Briggs, since the weather was gorgeous and they needed school pictures, too!
The kids get their haircut before going on the walk.
The kids showing off their new haircuts.  We got some great shots.  The weather was beautiful and the lighting was perfect.
Michelle was able to get some great shots of her kids, too.  It was so much fun to spend the day with the grandparents and also have our favorite friends along for the hike.  The kids had a great time climbing the hills and rocks, and messing around with the water.

This is one of Phantom's favorite walks as well.  Here is is trying to keep an eye on all 10 kids at once.

 Ten kids on a log.... I feel like there's a song about this..... although they're all in nice clothes and was a little too chilly to make them fall off.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Noah's 12th Birthday

 Noah's birthday was spent doing school and attending piano lessons like any other Monday.  It was made special by his majesty's choice of meals for the day and staying up late to watch whatever movie he wanted.  

Noah opened his card from his grandparents.  The silly card that Grandma Bruhn picked out was almost too much to handle!  

After dinner we watched "The Mummy" and everyone went to bed with very full bellies and the chant "IMHOTEP!" on our brains.  Happy Birthday, Noah! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah's 12th Birthday Party

Noah's Birthday Crew (L to R) Baylor, Aaron, Noah, Ian, Cabot, Simon, and Noah
We had planned Noah's skating/sleepover birthday party carefully around grandparents' visits, base exercises, and scouting activities.  We set the date aside 2 months ago and had our busy friends do the same.  What we didn't count on was an entire base shut down resulting in a last-minute "Plan B".  Instead of skating we just had everyone come stay the night at our house.  We loaned the other two kiddos out to friends and the sleepover boys had the entire house for themselves.  There was lots of Nerf battles, Lego building, Wii playing, and staying up tooooooo late involved.  For a Plan B it was a HUGE success!
The boys singing to Noah and then acting very silly made it VERY hard for Noah to blow out the candles.

After a breakfast of pancakes and bacon the boys played Wii and bulit Lego ships until their lunch, pizza, was ready.  What a life~

Before they left to go home, Noah and Simon show off the ships they built for the Lego contest.  Simon thinks HE won, he built himself a trophy to prove it.