Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wolves on Skates

Every year the Pack has a "meeting" at the roller rink on base.  This year it was the very first Pack meeting of the new school year.  

Micah LOVES cub scouts and "kinda" enjoys roller skating so usually he finds other ways to enjoy himself after the thrill of skating around the edges and holding on for dear life has worn off.  The little boy he is wrestling with is his friend, Grant, from his wolf den.

Micah spent more time than usual in his skates this time, however, because Daddy was there AND his really good friend, Noelle, was also there and slowed down her speed racer pace to help Micah along.

just so you don't think my Mom is bored here during her visit... every month a different den takes a turn serving the pack dinner during these meetings - this month was NOT our den's month, but Grandma just jumped in and started helping all the moms and dads.  She had a good time chatting and meeting people... she did NOT skate.

It's pretty hard to catch a glimpse of Noah during these outings as he LOVES to be on skates, just like his Daddy.  Daddy only slows down long enough to take a turn with Micah.  Mommy and Noah B. show off their new uniforms.  This is Noah's first year in cub scouts (he is a WEB I) and Mommy's first year as a Den Leader (of Micah's Wolf den). 
The whole Briggs family came to enjoy the pack meeting, and as Daddy Briggs leaves soon for a deployment I had to capture a family picture.  It's rare to have all 9 in one spot and sitting still!
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