Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kulinarische Wanderung

Today we went on a culinary walk in a village nearby our home.  It was a lovely (and easy) 6.4 km walk with 7 stops along the way.  Each stop had wine and some sort of treat.  It was the perfect way to spend Grandma's last afternoon visiting.  We enjoyed the scenery which included some beautiful horses running through their pasture, many scenes like the one pictured above, and every kind of dog you can imagine.  

At the beginning of the walk you got these cool wine glasses on a strap.  Rob and Grandma were the only ones to sample the wine, but the kids enjoyed apfel schorle AND everyone enjoyed the different edible delights.

Phantom LOVED the walk and seeing all the other dogs, too.  Every dog we saw was covered in burrs and Phantom was no exception.  The farmer's fields along the paths must be empty of burrs for all their attaching to wandering dogs!

The path back had us walk over this bridge where we stopped to wave at some passing cars - every single one of them waved back and the boys thought that was pretty cool.

I didn't want to carry my big heavy camera along for the walk today, so all the shots captured today are courtesy of my daughter's tiny Lumix camera.  She did an excellent job, although among all the great photos I found a couple of these pictures - her and Noah can't resist an opportunity to be silly.
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