Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grandma +

Today's the day! Grandma arrived for a 20 day visit to Germany. 
Rob went to Frankfurt this morning to pick up MaryLou while the kids and i waited patiently at home.  After getting a little confused by the new parking structures and garages at Frankfurt Int'l AND being rerouted around an accident they made it home where the kids and grand-dog were anxiously awaiting Grandma's arrival.  Yesterday when we went to check mail we got a surprise from our good friends, the Phillips, with the cool Tshirts the kids are wearing in this picture.  Thanks Ellen and kids!!!  As we were waiting for Grandma and then as Grandma settled in and jet lag crashed over her there was another friend on her way to Germany from the states.  Suzanne and kids, after visiting the states for a week, were desperately trying to hop home to England.  The closest they could get was Ramstein and when it became apparent that they were not going to be able to get home on Thursday Krissie went and picked them up to spend 2 days here while they waited on a flight Saturday morning.  It was so nice to catch up and the kids had a great time getting reacquainted and spending time together.

Christyn teaches Noah a new game and Conner and Micah enjoy some Wii time together.  Suzanne was on the internet trying to find a way home (car, train, plane.....) and after trying to get train tickets and that not working out they settled for a flight out on Saturday morning.  Even though they really were anxious to get home and see John it was so great to know we had them for 2 days!
after a wonderful dinner we all enjoyed ice cream from the Italian Eis man who comes by every evening.  We were also waiting on the Briggs to stop by for a visit so Christyn could have a chance to hang out with her close friend, Leisha.

Christyn and Leisha were so happy to see each other and had a great time hanging out.

Hannah also came over with her sisters to see the Childress' and the timing was perfect because that very day we received a package in the mail from Heather Schulte for the girls.  Here they are with their very precious drawings from Stella and a little something that Mrs. Schulte sent to the girls.... I LOVE how each piece of clothing is so perfectly suited to each girls individual taste.  Heather, you rock!

The shirt that the Phillips sent to Sarah is the same shirt Hannah has so the two best friends couldn't resist the chance to match.
Conner and Micah really had a good time together.  It was so cute to just see them pick up right where they left off almost 2 years ago.

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