Friday, September 10, 2010

Eighth Note

all the kids and siblings in front of the huge climbing thing.
Today was Micah's birthday party at Yabadoo Indoor Playpark.  Micah has been wanting a party at yabadoo for his past 3 birthdays.  Finances, visiting family, military exercises, etc. have always gotten in the way and so Micah waited. This year we have my Mom in town visiting, but we decided to make a party work for Micah before our time runs out here in Germany.  Micah invited 8 friends and with his and their siblings it was a great turn-out and nice sized party!.  The play place has TONS of things to climb, jump, slide, swing, kick, throw, shoot, and run.  It is made for kids of all ages.  What a great time for the kids (and parents, too!) 
The huge trampoline is a huge hit!

Ben, Micah, and Gabe.  Noah, Noah, and Simon
8th note cake

Sarah had a great time hanging out with Hannah and beating her at air hockey.
Micah's cake was in the shape of an 8th note.
Mom tried to climb the giant wall, which looks a bit like a circus tent that reaches to the ground, but she would make it to where the incline is 90 degrees and just slip down.  Oh, well, maybe next time.
 Hey, when did Rob grow moose ears?
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