Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn in the Air

We are having a great time with Grandma here!  Fall activities are just starting up for the 2010/2011 school year and Rob's job is gearing up for a big inspection at the end of this month, so we're not able to get away and take time off, but we're making the best of it and enjoying every free moment hanging out together.  We all went to church this morning and then, a Sunday afternoon bike-ride/walk on a nice warm, late-summer day was the perfect addition to our Labor Day weekend. 

Noah and Sarah love taking off on their bikes - this is also the first year that Micah has been able to come along on the long bike rides.  He'd been perfecting his bike riding for a while now, and is finally confident enough to go, go, go!
My friend Caroline told me about these flowers on a walk a few weeks ago.  I forget what she called them now, but it had something to do with fire or smoke.  he blooms are usually pink but as the summer wears on it starts to get this fuzzy/smokey texture as it goes to seed, starting at the bottom and rising to the top.  Caroline said you can tell when summer is over because the "smoke" rises all the way to the top or the plant.  The nights and early mornings are definitely letting us know that autumn is in the air and you can smell the deciduous trees gearing up to shed their leaves as well.  So, these flowers are right on cue.  Anyways, it was more fun with aperture.  
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