Saturday, August 21, 2010

just a walk, but so much more

I think that our whole family is ready to be done with our European adventure.  We're all ready to live closer to family again.  We are done with the translating troubles.  We've had some precious, dear, unforgettable memories here that will make it hard to leave, of course - but for the most part we are ready to be done.  And then.... there's days like today.  All we did was take a walk with some friends on a trail about 15 minutes from our house.  The beautiful countryside, quaint villages, gorgeous imagery make me realize that a part of me will never be ready to go and when that day finally does come I will leave behind a little part of myself here in Germany.  

headed out. 

Something I do NOT love - the stinging nettle.  Worse than poison ivy and ABUNDANT in our region.  
My kids will miss Germany more than they know.  For Micah, especially, who has been here since he was 2 - it is all he's ever really known.  
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