Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back-to-School, Bowling, Besties, and the Blues

We started school back in July - just easing into it with the review lessons and only doing 4 lessons a week or so... We like starting school in the middle of July because it allows us a very relaxed schedule while we get back into the groove.  We sleep in and take breaks, or if the weather's nice we just take the day off.  BUT..... all that's about to change with the onset of school-year fall activities.  They all kick-off in the next 2 weeks and then our relaxed life holds all the craziness of zoo!  To commemorate the "lazy" first days of school we invited some friends out for bowling and a movie.  It had been cold and raining for 4 days straight and everyone was feeling mopey and trapped indoors, an afternoon out is just what the Dr. ordered because we had lots of kids show up to play.  
all the kids in the bowling alley

Some of the keypads have letters that don't work.  The girls just happened to get a lane where the letter "A" was not working.  We put all the names in with spaces where the A's would be (except if they were the first letter).  The girls (and their siblings) had a great time calling out the new names at the start of each turn.
Apparently all the Moms were supposed to wear red, didn't you get the memo?
Friends at the food court, bed head is the new in-style for all pre-teens, and pizza sauce is "the" look for all eight-yr olds!
we went to see, "How to Train Your Dragon" at the base theater.  VERY cute movie and all the kids young and old enjoyed it.
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