Monday, July 12, 2010


What an unbelievably HOT summer we've been having.  I would say "unseasonably warm" but really, this IS the season for heat - it's just that Europe doesn't see this many consecutive days of temps in the mid to upper 90's and rarely does it get into the triple digits.  Well, we've have some CRAZY triple digit days (at least 3) and 3 weeks of temps that almost reached there! Without a/c anywhere but in our van it has been tough to find ways to beat the heat!  Our bedrooms get stifling since they are on the top level.  Sarah's room in particular gets the hottest sun of the day beating directly into her slanted window (her bedroom has the eaves and therefore also has no attic above her room so the heat has nowhere else to go).  One day we used our classroom thermometer to take a reading of 92degrees F in her room!  We have a small a/c unit that will keep one room cool, but it is expensive to run.  During the hottest nights we use the unit to keep the master bedroom tolerable so that Dad can at least sleep before he has to get up for work.  Our lowest floor is halfway built into the ground so those room stay pretty cool as long as we keep them pitch black during the day.  The kids have been camped out in a room down there for most of this heat-wave.  During the day we occupy ourselves finding places to keep cool and longing for the next trip in the car where we can all cool down and at least feel "unsticky and unslimy" for 15 minutes.  The nice thing is some of the wicked thunderstorms that have been moving through with the unstoppable heat.  We've caught several hailstorms, high winds, and really awesome rainbows.
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