Friday, July 16, 2010

Sarah's Irish Dance Day Camp Week

Sarah spent this past week at dance camp.  She participatred in daily classes for her level and also helped teach a lower level every day as well.  She would spend all day at the hall, packing a lunch and hanging out with whoever was there during her free time not teaching or having instruction.  Almost every afternoon after camp there was some sort of activity for her "gaggle of giggling girls".  On Monday night they all had a sleepover to celebrate one of the "other" Sarah's birthdays, on Tuesday they went to the mall to eat and see a movie, Thursday they went to the pool and out to eat at an Italian resturant, on Friday night was the end of camp celi (party).  Sarah had so much fun during camp this year not only learning new steps and pushing herself, but also spending time with the great friends she's made with this sport.  It was bitter sweet since a few of her closet friends are moving, but that made it even more special to enjoy this time together.  It was incredibly hot this week and since classes were held in an upstairs hall (with no a/c) the girls had to really push themselves to work despite the heat and humidity.

The sleepover include "make your own facials" - they used things like avocados, cucumbers, lemons, honey, and egg whites. (left) Thursday night dinner after the pool.(right)
Friday nights camp celi was held inside an auto showroom (not the hall where they had classes as it was too small to hold everyone).  There was a pot luck dinner, presentations, and (OF COURSE) lots and lots of dancing.  During one of the group dances Mom even got out there and tried her hand at a dance.  

Each of the different levels got a chance to perform and show off some of some of the things they worked on during the week.  It was extremely hot inside the building, but the kids did an excellent job of staying hydrated and performing hard.  Sarah shows off some of the height she is working on in her jumps and kicks.

The boys had a good time playing outside and enjoying the yummy food - they even got out and danced a little during the group dance.

Sarah with her teachers, Mary and Shane.
The last dance of the evening with one of her best friends, Kayla, who leaves to move to the states next Friday.
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