Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Micah, Sarah, and Mom had a fantastic fourth of July picnic at our friend's, Joel and Jennifer Brown's, home.  We headed over to their house right after church along with most of our church.  Rob went home right after church to study and work on stuff for the class he is working in and Noah left for camp this morning.  
We enjoyed lots of great food, games in the yard, lots of "hang-out" time with good friends, and right down the street from their house is a lake when you can swim!
Sarah hanging out with some of the lovely teens of TRC, you can see all the men grilling in the background.
Sarah and Micah didn't bring their suits, but they enjoyed wading into the lake to cool off.  It was hot and sticky (just like it's been all week), so the cold water was a nice break.

Micah hurt his knee playing in the yard earlier during the picnic (you can see his bandaged knee), so after the lake Wesley carried him up this steep hill and back to the house.  Micah had so much fun playing the doughnut game.... it was a great time for everyone, but especially Micah who woke up quite sad that his brother was gone - he had so much fun he didn't even have time to miss him today!
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