Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today we tried out a new spot to try and stay cool in all the HEAT we've had lately.  Bostalsee is Germany's largest man-made lake and it only about 38 km from our house!  We had a great time picnicking, playing in the sand and water, and sitting in the shade.  Today is Noah's last day before he leaves for camp, and Rob is still in the NCO academy, but, for today, everyone stopped what they were doing and we just went to the beach!

The boys had a terrific time splashing along the shoreline and building tons of things in the sand.  

There is nothing quite like a picnic at the beach!  
There was also a park on the beach with slides, swings, and this gigantic climbing ball thing.  Out in the water there were 3 docks that you could swim to and jump off.  The kids spent most of their time in the water or on the sandy beach - but towards the end of the day the clouds rolled in before a brief rainshower and the temps went down a few degrees; that's when the kids took advantage of the hiding sun to climb on all the equipment.
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