Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today the boys played in a piano recital celebrating their teacher's piano studio's 20th anniversary!  She had recitals all weekend long with food and entertainment (in addition to her students performing).  The "American" student portion of her recitals was on Sunday night.  Before the recital she had Tir na nOg come out and perform some Irish dance, so by the end of the evening we got to see all 3 of our kids perform!  The boys both did a great job and thanks to our good friends (who let me borrow their video camera) I actually have their performances to share with you! Huzzah!

Noah first performed a piece called "Le Cou Cou" by Louis-Claude Daquin.  He is NOT happy with his performance at all and really doesn't want me to post this video... but, he's 11 - I'm proud and can not be stopped.  He has only been playing this piece for 2 weeks and it's really not ready to perform... but on his lesson on Wednesday his teacher said, "I think you should do it...."  SO, he worked hard on it in the 3 days leading up to the recital, but it is a hard piece and he probably could have used another week with it.

Micah performed both his pieces in one sitting.  He has only been taking lessons for about a year and really enjoys it so far.  Micah likes to do things HIS way and does not like to be told he is doing them wrong... especially by his older brother or a metronome!

Noah's last piece of the evening was "Backwater Blues".  This has been a super fun piece for him - he loves playing it and has enjoyed practicing it.  You can't see in this video but he is just smiling away while playing this song.
After the recital all the student came to the front to pose for a group picture and Frau Schmitt handed out these wonderful hand carved wooden notes that she had made to commemorate the recital and the 20 year anniversary.
Once we came home we set the timer on the camera and posed for a family picture.  You can see the boys "trophys" and the balloon creations that they got (one of the forms of entertainment at the recital).  Sarah did a great job performing, as always, but this post was really more about the piano so I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of her this time.
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