Sunday, June 27, 2010

Munich Feis 2010

This years Munich feis was so much fun!  We traveled down with our usual "feis traveling buddies", but this time we added 4-year old Lily B. (youngest of my friend Michelle) who started dancing this year.  The drive down was uneventful this year and we were in Munich by 3:30 PM.  Saturdays dancing went well, although the usual amount of hecticness and rushing around ensued...after all, a feis is a feis, right?  After "our" girls were done dancing we stayed to watch the Open competitions.  This year (because the England/USA world cup match was the same evening) they managed to finish the whole thing by 7 PM (it's usually closer to midnight).  Sunday morning we drove home after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.  
   Sarah danced well.  The level that she dances in now (Intermediates) is a lot different in so many ways.  It is also a lot HARDER.  You can't really "place out" of these dances like the beginner and primary levels.  In order to "be done" with a dance you HAVE to take 1st place, and even then your teacher can have you dance this level as long as necessary until you're ready for the Open Level Championship dancing, sometimes needing to "place out" (or take 1st) in a dance 2 or 3 times.  The last feis we went to was the Oeirachtas in Bremmen where Sarah danced Intermediates for the first time.  This time she was feeling more confident and it showed.  So while we don't have any trophies this time we can definitely say that she improved and the judges noticed that as well.  Sarah is pleased with her progress, but also sees many areas she will need to work on before the next feis, especially since she has her eye on being able to dance at the Open levels before we leave Germany in 2012.

On the road we stopped for a picnic lunch a little more than 1/2 way there.

Having dinner at the resturant next to the hotel with a bunch of Tir na nOg families
Sarah's first dances were the teams she participated in.  She won 2nd with her 4-hand team and1st with her 8-hand team.  The girls always perform in their matching school dresses (the green ones in the 4 hand picture) but by the time results were called all the girls had to be in their solo dresses for the Intermediate dances that were about to start (the 8 hand picture).  I think it is kind of neat to be able to see all the girls up there in their unique solo dresses, although they do look sharp when they all match (I am such a sucker for things that match!!)

Sarah taking second place in her Intermediate Reel - her "no way" face with best friend, Hannah, after coming off stage.  All her hard work paid off and she performed above her expectations. 
Mom and Sarah waiting for Intermediate results
All Sarah's closest (local) friends are from her dance class.  We could not ask for a better bunch of young women for Sarah to be spending most of her free time with.

After all her dances and results Sarah changed and crashed on some chairs while waiting for the open set dances to end.  After everything was over we went back to chill at our hotel.  We had 2 rooms across from the main building and the room that the girls shared had a balcony.
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