Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp 2010

This past week was Cub Scout Day Camp.  It was Micah's first year participating in the week long camp.  He has been a "guest" of the camp in the tot-lot always watching all the cool stuff Noah got to do.  Micah was so excited in the WEEKS leading up to day camp and had so much fun during the actual camp.  Krissie volunteered to run the crafts tent with her Boy Scout assistant, Noah, his first year not able to participate in the camp.  This week is also the week leading up to Sarah's big Irish Dance competition in Munich, so she couldn't volunteer at the camp since she had almost daily practices.  We're catching rare glimpses of Rob these days..... he is taking a 6-week class (NCO academy) and even though the school is local (at a different base just 15 minutes from Ramstein) he is so busy that we only see him on Sunday afternoons.  Busy at work all day long in the craft tent I sent my camera and trusty Boy Scout (so handy to have, I highly recommend EVERYONE get themselves one) out with my camera to capture some shots of Micah during the camp.
Archery was Micah's favorite part of day camp, AND he was REALLY good at it! Byte the end of the week he was shooting all his arrows onto the target. 
BB shooting was always exciting.  Micah was able to shoot a bulls-eye by the end of the week.  Noah even sneaked over to the range with another den and as a helper a couple of times so he got to shoot a few times, too.

Sports and Scout-skills were another part of the camp.  Micah had a good time playing despite the heat.  In scout skills he learned how to tie a neck tie the day Noah was picture scouting.  
Noah has a little bit of his Mom's photography-love in him and took MANY MANY creative shots with the camera (over 200 pictures in the 3 hours he had the camera).  This shot of Micah in the scout-skills tent is my favorite.  Noah wanted to make Micah look gigantic.  

Mom and Noah standing outside the Crafts 1 tent that they ran.  Micah during one of his visits to the craft tent.

This is the den that Micah walked around the camp with all week.  A great group of second graders - can't you tell?

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