Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cub Scout Crossover Camp-out

This weekend was the big Pack 232 crossover camp-out weekend.  Crossover is where the boys officially put on their new rank and can officially start working on the achievements toward that rank and earning belt loops, pins, and other fun stuff as that new rank.  On Friday night Rob camped out with Noah and Micah, then on Saturday Krissie came out and joined them for the whole day.  The ceremony was late Saturday afternoon.  The boys enjoyed time fishing (both Micah and Noah caught a fish on Friday night!), grilling out, playing sports, hanging out in the shade, and messing around with water (it was HOT!).  We were too busy to take a ton of pictures of everything we did, but we did get a bunch of shots of the ceremony, which was the most important part!
Noah spent this camp-out as a spectator, which was kind of fun for him.  Here is is lounging with some of the Dad's and siblings waiting for the ceremony to start.  
At the beginning of the ceremony the dens walked in according to rank.  Here are the Tiger Cubs walking in and waiting for the festivities to start. 
After everyone was seated the Tiger's were the first up to crossover.  The cubmaster asked them to prove they were ready to be Wolf Scouts and the Tiger's sang a song for the group (it was "I've got the Cub Scout spirit deep in my heart" sung to the tune of "I've got the Joy").  After their song they were deemed worthy and the two leaders walked them across the bridge to the waiting parents.

once they crossed the bridge all the parents took off their orange Tiger neckerchiefs, slides, and hats and replaced them with their new, yellow Wolf rank items.  

After all the other dens finished crossing over and the ceremony was over we posed for a picture, but it's hard to see with all the shadows on the boys (and leaders) faces created by their hats.  But, anyway, here they are: BRAND NEW WOLD SCOUTS!  congratulations.
After we marched back to the camp site Kristen said a tearful goodbye to her den.  She will be moving before the next school year and won't be able to be their leader. The boys gave her a big group hug and it was very sweet.  She is a terrific leader and we have had one of the best cub scouting years EVER with her as Micah's leader.

after changing and before breaking down camp there was time for a couple more campfire S'mores before heading home.  What a GREAT weekend the boys had, and the weather was SO great!  We are so proud of our scouts and especially Micah today!
the BEST part of camping.
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