Thursday, May 13, 2010

a "Wii" bit 'o friendship

It seems like overnight Micah transitioned from being just "little brother" to being this whole grown up young man!  So often he has been pulled this way and that - from one activity to the next - only participating because it involved his older brother or sister.  Now that he is finishing first grade and his first year in cub scouts his unique and individual personality are starting to shine through.  He has friends that aren't just his friends because of Mom, Sarah, or Noah, AND we set aside time for just MICAH to have time to hang out with his friends instead of it just happening because we had to go here or there.  Today Micah had one of his friends, Ben, come over after swimming lessons to hang out.  They had a great time playing Wii and eating a yummy spaghetti dinner (Micah's FAVORITE).  Friday night Micah is invited to his first sleepover (away from home) with a friend he's made from his cub scout den, what a little party animal!
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