Friday, May 21, 2010

What 16 years of marriage looks like

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary.  Sixteen years of marriage, three kids, a career in the air force, home-schooling, a dog, and teenagers equal no time to slow down and celebrate.  Sarah's dance recital is tomorrow (Saturday) so she has been having extra practices all week including one today.  Noah is leaving on a Boy Scout camp-out trip and Micah is playing in a little piano performance on base.
  I don't get any pictures of Noah on his camp-outs since he goes "alone" now.  I grabbed these pictures at the drop-off point before he left.  This is his scoutmaster, Mr. Mol.  Noah loves camping out and does fine being away from home.  These weekend "campaways" are good preparation for Mom because in July Noah will be going away for a camp that last SIX NIGHTS!!
As soon as we dropped Noah off we sped over to the community center where Micah performed in a little piano recital with a few other kids.
When Micah and I dropped Sarah off at dance we found another parent willing to drive her home when practice was over - so Micah and I headed home where we met Rob who had just gotten off work.  Rob, Micah, and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with ice cream sundaes!  It was busy day and although we didn't "go out" on a date this was ever more special because we are so grateful to have such wonderful, busy, crazy-schedule, involved kids and grateful for the Air Force job that Rob has.  Besides, what is better than a hot fudge (with caramel, too) Sundae?!
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