Friday, May 28, 2010

We survived the first year of High School

It's hard to even write this post.... I get so emotional when I think of having a high schooler.  Last night, in fact, I was tormented by bad dreams in which the basement flooded and all Sarah's records were lost - or she couldn't find 3 of her exams forcing her to take an F in Biology.  I'm not so emotional about her getting older (although sometimes I step back and say, "Whoa, she's a young woman, not a girl!"), or about her doing poorly in school (she gets all A's and earns every one through diligence), but I am most stressed that my shortcomings will hinder her in what she wants (college, scholarships, etc.)  When I first started home schooling I only wanted to get her through middle school.  Then God totally changed Rob's and my heart (through dear friends) and we ventured into the mystery that was "High SCHOOL" (insert eerie horror theme here).  When we started planning, researching, plotting, reading, scheming...... I talked incessantly about keeping records and "this time it ACTUALLY COUNTS" - she in turn (and patiently) assured me she was willing to do the work and that everything would be fine.  So, I say "we" survived her Freshmen year, but really SHE did all the work.  Here's to you Bear (and, yes, I still get to call you that).
   Sarah is a wonderful daughter, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is kind to everyone.  If you know her you love her and her smile is infectious.  She loves life and except for mornings there's not a moment to the day when she doesn't have a positive outlook.  Oh, sure, there are some moody teen times, but nothing that a cup of coffee and an episode of her favorite TV show (of the moment) won't cure.  I asked Sarah what she wanted the world to know about her (and she had a few days to think about it seeing the posts I wrote about her brothers when they completed school) and her pearls of wisdom?  "Not everything tastes like chicken."
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