Friday, May 14, 2010

sweet sorrow

Tonight was the goodbye bbq for our dear friends, the Schulte's.  We first started getting to know Heather 4 years ago when she began to give Sarah weekly sewing lessons.  I can remember her standing in my kitchen, holding an itty-bitty Stella, and telling me she was pregnant.  Since then we've spent a lot of time with these sweet friends, but especially this past year when Heather was pregnant with her third baby, a difficult pregnancy, a traumatic (9-week early) birth, and trying to get ready to move!  We will miss these wonderful people in our church and in our lives.  My arms already ache for those precious little ones that I've grown to love so very much.  All I can say is she better post lots of pictures on facebook!!
Micah had to stop into the BBQ very briefly (on his way to a sleepover, as he is now Mr. Social Engagement).  He stopped in, said goodbye and then was off.  I took this picture because I wanted to put it next to a picture of Micah and Stella back from when we first met them - playing on my living room floor during a sewing lesson.  Stella was just a baby in diapers and Micah barely 3.  I will keep looking, but I was pressed for time and consumed with memories, so emotional photo hunting will have to wait.
I had Sarah grab this picture before I dissolved into a puddle of tears (which happened shortly after this photo was taken when I was holding Titus and saying goodbye).  This whole family is very dear to us, but these little ones especially dear to me.    
Titus just talked and smiled for me the whole time I was holding him.  Like he was telling me goodbye.  What a sweet peanut.

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