Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleepover weekend

All THREE kids had sleepovers this weekend!  It is just another reminder of how GROWN up they are getting, and how OLD I am!  I guess I don't have to really worry until they are all TOO OLD for sleepovers... then I'll really be in trouble!  I've enjoyed every season this journey of motherhood has brought me...and although I've said each one is my favorite... I really think THIS one is my favorite.  I love that they're independent enough that I can go for a run in the morning and leave them here to get their morning started on their own.  I love that they have their own friends, interests, hobbies, and pastimes, that don't involve me sitting on the floor cross legged doing the same puzzle for hours, YET they still love to sit on the couch to read with me, watch a movie, or tell me stories about their day (or that they make-up).  I LOVE that they help me clean, and that while cleaning the kitchen we talk about history, books we're reading, have theological discussions, and share the same tastes in entertainment.  Holding my friends sweet babies I do miss certain things about that time in their lives, but when I look around and see my daughter also holding a friend's baby, my son getting his OWN plate of food - I can take a moment to really, truly enjoy holding my friends baby and be patient with a toddler who isn't mine.  I wasn't always, not when I had my own toddlers trying my patience.  I'm feeling sentimental and was around a lot of young mothers with little babies yesterday and it put into stark contrast the different season I now find myself in.  So while I would do it all again in the blink of an eye (having more babies, the diapers, the sleepless nights, the endless reading of all things Eric Carle), I am reminded of how much I have now and even though I now have to fight for my kids attention, instead of fighting for a break from them, I am truly blessed.  

Sarah and her best friend, Hannah, at Friday night's goodbye bbq for our friends.  Noah with his friend, Simon, also at the bbq (but they were outback exploring the woods rather than playing with little kids).  I don't have a picture of Micah since he went away for a sleepover at his friend, Justus', house.
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