Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PAX Terminal Tour

Micah's Cub Scout den on a field trip to the PAX terminal at Ramstein AB. The boys got to process through "the line" just as if they were deploying. They weighed themselves on the scale, saw where the baggage is X-rayed, heard their Cub Scout flight called over the loudspeaker, rode on the jetway, and met a lot of really cool airmen that work there.
The boys are being weighed on the scale.... that's 900 pounds of Cub Scout right there!
First we saw where your checked baggage goes, and watched some go through the scanner
Then our flight was called over the loudspeaker and after a brief run through the USO we went to board our flight.  At security we saw how they check carry on baggage and the tech's even put some fun (FAKE) stuff (like a pistol and a knife) into bags so the boys could watch it go through the Xray machine.
After riding on the jetway our tour was over!  We didn't really get to go to Hawaii... bummer.  We had the den pose in the walkway where our plane would have been waiting.  You can see the flight line behind the boys and the jetway we rode on the right.
This was our main tour guide posing with the den and a few of the siblings who also came on the tour.
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