Sunday, May 23, 2010

Noah is home and the busy weekend ends!

After church we came home and started to prepare a steak-on-the-grill dinner (w/ baked potatoes and grilled veggies) in honor of Noah coming home from camping with the Boy Scouts.  Even though he has only been gone since Friday afternoon it feels like a lot longer, especially to Micah.  I wanted to get some pictures of picking him up at the meeting point, or the steak dinner... but alas these are all I have to share.  The picture of the kids waiting for the steaks to finish cooking is a bit dark, sorry, but it was the only one I had of all 3 of them together again, at long, long last (according to Micah!).  I thought I would also have Sarah grab a picture of Rob and I since Friday (our anniversary) was way too busy to even think about posing for a picture together!

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