Thursday, May 27, 2010


NOAH IS DONE WITH FIFTH GRADE!  Noah finished his last test today with a hat-trick of A's on his end of year exams in History, Health, and Spelling.   Final grades will be averaged next week, but i already know he did really well.
    What the world needs to know about Noah.
   I am 11 years old.  I love anything to do with apples: pie, tart, candy, caramel apples, juice, cider, etc.  I like to play the piano a lot and enjoy performing in front of people.  The coolest thing that I did this year was cross over into Boy Scouts (from Cub Scouts).  I am having a great time in Boy Scouts.  My favorite color is green, which is the same color as my ipod nano.  My favorite song is "Uprising" by Muse.  I like to play with Legos, play outside with my brother, chat on the computer and send emails, play Wii, and have sleepovers.  My favorite Bible verse is the 23rd Psalm because it tells deeply God cares for us.  I like going on bike rides with my Dad and playing sports of all kinds.  The thing I spend most of my time doing is making up stories.  I probably have 10 notebooks full of stories that I've written.  I don't like having to say goodbye to friends that move away.  I don't like plain tomatoes (AT ALL) and being left out.  I don't like errands which is why I am so glad that I am starting to be able to stay home on my own and not have to go on them.  I love the  privileges that come with my age like staying home alone, sleeping in, and a later bedtime, but I am still working out the responsibility part that goes along with it.  Mom says I am getting there, but I can be pretty forgetful.  In sixth grade I am looking forward to earning new ranks in Boy Scouts and my grandparents coming to visit.
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