Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dance Recital

Today was the day of the HUGE end of year recital for all the local youth center dance classes.  Sarah performed in the first show, and we also stayed for the second show to watch all the other Irish dance classes perform, including Sarah's best friend, Hannah.  The recital was a great time and we took some videos, I just have to make sure it's okay with the dance teachers before posting them.  
Sarah performing with the beginner class she helps teach on Thursday afternoons.  Sarah LOVES these kids and has a great time assisting Mary.  
This is during the elite class' performance.  Mary wanted me to catch a shot of when all 4 girls were hanging in the air.  I missed the shot she wanted and got them coming down... It's a hard shot to get with my non-professional camera and those girls move FAST!  

A few more shots taken during the elite class performance.

the whole class, including the guys
class pose after the show, with Mary, their teacher.
Sarah poses with the class she helps.
Sarah loves ALL the kids she dances with, but these girls are the ones she is closest to.  Three of them are moving this summer and dance won't ever be the same. 

Thankfully Hannah, Sarah's closet confidant and partner in crime, isn't one of the girls moving this summer.  We are so thankful for this wonderful friendship.

Daddy and Micah came to the first show to see Sarah dance.  Noah is still away at a Boy Scout weekend camp-out.  After the show Daddy and Micah played a game of catch while waiting for the girls to get home from the second performance.  We ate a ymmy supper and watched a movie (Sarah fell asleep on the couch.... and if I, the blog poster, am being honest, so did Mom).  Micah misses Noah so much and can't wait until it is time to pick him up tomorrow!
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