Monday, May 31, 2010

Hiking the Felsenmeer

Once upon a time there were two giants who lived on two hills; one on the Felsberg, the other on the Hohenstein. One day they had a quarrel and began throwing boulders at each other. The giant from Hohenstein had the advantage of many more stones to throw, and soon the giant from the Felsberg was buried in a sea of rocks. Today that spot is known as the Felsenmeer.

all the kids at the path's entrance before the climb, you can see the boulders off to the right in the distance
We had a great day spending time with some friends from our church climbing boulders at Felsenmeer. 
    We met right outside base and did a bunch of kid-swapping and car-condensing so we could make it there in 3 vehicles instead of 5 and then set off on the 95km drive.
    Once we arrived, all the kids climbed the steep trail of boulders (about 1 km) up to the top.  There is also a path along the side that isn’t exactly easier, as it is just as steep, but it has stairs and unencumbered pathways as opposed to GINORMOUS boulders.  All the kids chose the boulder path.  Krissie had to walk up the path only because it was too hard to try and navigate the huge boulders with the camera and the water bottles.  Next time everyone brings their own backpack and carries their own lunch and water bottle so Krissie can try the boulder path!
   Close to the top we stopped at a picnic area for lunch and some play time on the huge rocks up there.  We took the path down as it was drizzling a little and the rocks were too slippery for the kids to climb on.  On our way down we met a dad with his son looking for his other son; they had gotten separated while climbing the rocks.  When we got to the very bottom we met the mom still looking for her missing son.  She said that the boy had been missing about 2 hours.  After calling her husband’s cell to confirm that he hadn’t found the boy Rob climbed back up the rocks to see if he could spot the boy (he is 14) because the Dad and other son were headed back down on the path.  Rob found the boy about ½ way up just standing on the bridge and told him to go down to the bottom of the hill where is mom was looking for him and a bit worried.  Once we saw the happy reunion we did a little more kids swapping and caravanned back to where the other cars were parked.
   Our family stopped at a store on the way home for some pizzas.  At home we changed (checking for ticks) because we were all covered with mud, started some laundry, and crashed out on the couch with a movie.  The kids all went to bed about an hour earlier than usual and Krissie was asleep by 8:45 PM!  What a great day!
you can barely make out Baylor, Noah, and Simon in this picture but I wanted you to be able to gage how steep the climb was.

These pictures are great because you can really get a sense of how BIG the boulders were that the kids were climbing over.  In the picture on the right you can see Rob's baseball cap, he was hanging back with Micah who kept pretty good pace withe the older kids.  Sarah was the very last in the group because she was trying to climg and NOT get dirty.  Once she gave up trying to keep clean she made MUCH better time!

Stopped for lunch at a picnic area close to the top of the climb.  After this break in the boulders they rocks became even BIGGER and more spread out making a really fun area to run around and play after lunch before heading back down.

Rob was the only Dad able to make today's trip.  He had fun climbing on the boulders with the boys while the moms hung out talking curriculum and summer plans.
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