Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sarah's Saturday Party!

The SleepOver crew (one of the girls had to arrive late last night, so she didn't make it in the first shot)
On Saturday morning the girls woke up and, as soon as they were done with their pancakes, rinsed out their tie-dyed shirts.  After they got dressed and cleaned up we had another little party around lunchtime.  Sarah invited all her younger friends (siblings, friends from dance, and little people she babysits) over for lunch and to tie-dye their own T shirts.
Some of the "little" friends Sarah invited

Even the Moms had some fun dying Tshirts (Left) and (Right) Leisha and Leah pose with the creations they made last night. 

The "big" girls were GREAT about helping all Sarah's younger friends who came to play.  (Above Left) Hannah helps dye a shirt. (Above Right) Leah helps Lily decorate a cupcake. (Center) Sarah helps Stella decorate her cupcake.
All the kids gather 'round the table to sing happy birthday to Sarah.

One of Noah's friend's, Simon, (Leah's brother) came to dye a shirt on Saturday.  Simon and Noah are always being told they look alike - I don't see it...... Rob was SUCH a huge help during the party!  While Krissie was busy running the tie-dye portion he grilled and set up the whole lunch!  What a GREAT Daddy!
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