Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah's 15th Birthday

After a busy weekend of partying, Sarah's "actual" birthday was a quiet affair.  We planned our schedule so we could take the day off school.  Sarah slept in until almost 10:00 AM, a luxury she would make a daily habit, but unfortunately has only gotten to do once or twice in her life (so far, she says).  Sarah chose the menu and we had her best friend and her family over for dinner.  Sarah's presents were the 9 tie-dye Tshirts she made during her party, so there weren't any gifts to open on this actual day.    She also needs a new lap-top for school, but will also be able to use it for her personal use, so we're counting that has 1/2 necessity 1/2 present.  We plan to pick that up later this week.  
(above) - Sarah and her best friend, Hannah, both 15 now (until Nov.)  (below) all the kids pose for a shot in their new tie-dye Tshirts.  Abby was at a sleepover this weekend so she is still waiting to make hers.  

THE FOOD:  Sarah wanted grilled chicken with fettuccine alfredo, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and a cake she picked out of a new cookbook we just got (Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan).  The cake was amazing and you really can't see the layers of white chocolate creme in between the layers of cake separated and frosted with a dark chocolate creme, not frosting.  We served it with sliced strawberries and it was truly amazing.  I served the food in the pots in which it was cooked... nothing fancy for just family!
Blowing out her FIFTEEN candles!  
Shot of the family, although you can't see Phantom in between the boys.

Noah and Noah in their matching tie-dye shirts.  

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