Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Our Easter this year was a wonderful day full of worship, friends, and good food.  Our church traditionally holds a pot-luck Sunday on the first Sunday of every month.  Since Easter fell on the first Sunday of April we kept the tradition, but "fancied-it-up" a bit to distinguish it from our regular monthly pot-luck.  Krissie organized the event and as such did not sit down ONCE until it was all over and every dish had been washed... therefor there aren't ANY pictures from the wonderful day! Rob took the kids out in the church yard and let the boys and a bunch of their friends smash the confetti eggs on one another's heads, but he didn't realize I had the camera at the church to take pictures of it.  I had meant to get lots of shots of families, especially with so many of them moving... but all I got were a few pictures during the set-up portion... once the feast began it was a crazy whirlwind of activity.  On the plus side the church secretary figured out how to work our German dishwasher in the kitchen and so clean-up went a lot fast than usual!  After the clean-up was finished we came home and Sarah and I promptly fell asleep on couches for about 90 minutes!  After our nap we all watch Annie (the 1982 version) and then all went to bed early.  A great Easter, I just wish I had a few pictures to share!
(pictured above: The Easter Lily's our family purchased for the church in memory of Kim Blum who lost her fight with cancer at the age of 33 in Nov. '07.  below: the only shots I managed to take of the great feast at church before I set the camera down and did not pick it back up again!)

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