Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day is traditionally spent in the pubs.... but as the entertainment not the rowdy Irishmen drinking a Guinness (okay, so maybe we do drink an occasional Guinness and we aren't well known for our quiet, calm demeanor).  Sarah usually dances in 4 or 5 gigs every year and this year was no different.  We started the day on base at an Officer Spouses Luncheon, then moved onto 3 different local Irish Pubs in the afternoon and evening.  In between all that we found time for a lunch at Chili's to celebrate one of the Briggs' birthdays.
Enjoying a birthday lunch at Chili's for Abby (who is down on the end opening her presents) in between gigs.  Abby's birthday has been overshadowed the past couple of years due to having a couple of sisters in Irish dance, but her mom and dad to a good job of making sure she knows it is still her special day.  Noah was SO EXCITED about this lunch because he was allowed to have Coca-Cola (a luxury not usually permitted because we are usually out to dinner later in the evening).  See him holding up his glass?  Too funny.
The first pub Sarah danced in was the Blarney Stone in Landsthul.  Here are all the dancers able to make it to this show.

After the dancers perform they have a group dance.  Sarah pulled Alex out of the audience and had her dancing a jig or two (left).  Even during their break the girls were on the dance floor flitting around, being silly, dancing.  Sarah is pictured with her good friend, also named Sarah, dancing during their break (right).
Alex, Krissie, and Michelle in the Blarney Stone watching the dancers.  
The second pub we danced in was so small that the moms (and Alex) just stood outside while the kids went in to perform.  In between gigs we stopped at the van where Mrs. Briggs had some chocolate cheesecake waiting for the girls.  Okay, so it's not an Irish treat but it was just the pick me up they needed as their feet were beginning to ache and the day was feeling long.

After a cub scout pack meeting the boys joined us at the final performance at the Dubliner Irish Pub in Ramstein.  The boys are well-practiced dance brothers and found a corner in which to goof off and wait for their sister to be done.  I don't even think they clapped once.  At least they're in green!
Finally the night is almost over!  Waiting for the last dance the starving girls try to spoon in some extremely hot (but very tasty) Shepherd's pie.  It is a long (but very fun) afternoon of dancing.  The girls (and guys) all looked great and danced well.  Can't wait till next year!  It's days like these that make us so happy to have more time in Germany.
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