Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life in Boy Scouts

Noah has started his Boy Scout career after crossing over last weekend.  Already he has camped, earned his first achievement, and participated in an all day merit badge event!  His troop is fantastic and he is having the time of his life and it's only been a week!
  Since Boy Scouting is more about him doing things on his own (rather than having his Dad always around) there was no one there (like Mom) to snap 1,000 pictures. I do, however, have something to document Noah's day at the dentist's.  Noah and his Grandpa (Rob's Dad) have been emailing back and forth a lot lately because Grandpa Murphy was also a Boy Scout and they share their experiences.  Below is a copy of a letter Noah sent his Grandpa (only taking time to eat a quick supper before running downstairs to send it out!  He was so excited to write about his day to his Grandpa).  I left EVERYTHING just the way Noah sent it (it adds to the charm because he is, after all, only 11 even though it seems like he grew up overnight!)

Dear Grandpa,

  I did the dentist merit badge.  It was very fun.  You already know that I'm 

home schooled.  Well because I'm home schooled I can get up later than 

most kids my age.  I usually get out of bed around 7:30 these days.  Today 

my Dad and my brother, Micah, got me out of bed at 7:00.  I ate my 

breakfast and brushed my teeth ( twice ) by about 7:00  I got into my 

uniform and fished my jacket out of my wardrobe (It snowed.....again? It has 

been snowing for a long time.  I wish it would stop.) by about 8:00 and left. 

    My dad dropped me of at the dental clinic.  Our troop was there, and a 

few others.  There was a lot of boys.  They handed out papers for us to sign 

out. One of them asked me if I was allergic to things I would have to use and 

if I had things like dyslexia and 

Asama and things like that.  On the bottom line

it asked "For Girls:are you pregnant?"  Some of the boys thought it was 

funny.  After that We split into 

groups of six.  Then we turned the slips in.  The first thing we did was 

practice drilling a fake tooth.  That was my favorite part.  We took turns 

doing parts of the process: putting the filling in a machine that shook it about 

40 shakes per sec, Drilling, and suctioning the leftover filling that was on the 

tray.  After that we went to another room.  Here we 

were apposed to make moth guards.  First she (a dentist) made a mix of a 

special plaster. She put it on a

special cup shaped like someone's mouth.  I had to put it in my mouth.  It was 

not apposed to have a flavor, but it kind of tasted like mint.  Then we either 

ate our sack lunch, or brought some money and 

walked across the street to the store. (I went to the store and bought a sub 

from Subway)Then we went 

back to the dental clinic to have about two to three lectures about cavities 

and fluoride.  Fun. That's about every thing I did at the dentistry merit 


    By the way: the other day we went to the commissary.  At the checkout 

lines we saw an old lady trying to

put her groceries on the conveyor.  My mom pointed her out.  She told me I 

could help her put her groceries 

on the conveyor.  And I did.  after me and the lady were done, she told me 

her back was stiff and she might

of not been able to do it without me.  She rewarded me with 1 dollar.  You 

may also notice I put a space 

in between each line.  I noticed how your E-mails are easier to read.  So I 

tried spacing it out also.


Rock on! ;)
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