Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our Valentine's weekend was pretty low-key due to snowy weather and viruses floating around the area.  Lat week the kids and I all got haircuts, but we also have been stuffy and fighting off colds and flues (it's this ENDLESS SNOW and COLD weather) so I haven't really had an opportunity to take pictures.  We've gotten a few more inches of snow and done a little sledding, we've still got Tango here visiting for a few more days, we're anxiously awaiting our favorite little preemie's homecoming (Lord willing this week), and getting ready for the cub scout Blue & Gold Banquet later this month.  There will be lots of picture opportunities and blog posts, but for now here's just a couple of random shots for a random post.  (above are the flowers mom got from her sweetheart for Valentine's Day). 

Micah and Noah were helping Daddy put together and take apart a piece of furniture and Daddy was teaching them how to use his power drill.  Micah is sporting a new gap in his smile and his new haircut.  
With all the snow and illness we always have a puzzle going - this is the latest one we all put together over the past week or so.  We've also been playing lots of games.  Noah is learning how to play cribbage and Micah is learning solitaire.

Sarah also got a haircut last week.  She wasn't happy with it AT ALL, but we came home and "fixed" it as best we could and she is happy with it now - BANGS! Today she was FINALLY having a good hair day so we could take pictures and post them!
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