Saturday, February 27, 2010

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The Blue and Gold Banquet celebrates Scouting anniversary week (when Boy Scouts of America was first founded in 1910).  The Pack that we belong to also uses this as the February Pack meeting and this is where the Cub Scouts will be awarded their Rank patches and 5th grade scouts will cross over into Boy Scouts.  This years banquet was held on a Saturday afternoon with lunch (sandwiches).  It was a fun-filled time with lots of skits, awards, food, and laughs.  It was also really special for our family, but I will let my pictures and captions do the explaining......
This is the year Noah is crossing over to Boy Scouts.  He has worked super hard to get to this point in his scouting career. We tried to make this Blue and Gold a little more special for Noah than all the previous years.  We started with a sleepover on Friday night with his best friend (also named Noah).  On Saturday morning before we left for the banquet we (Mom and Dad) presented Noah with a present to help him transition into Boy Scouts - a new pair of AWESOME Gortex hiking boots.
Every year the different dens in the Pack decorate their tables with the theme for the year.  This years theme was Happy Birthday BSA (or 100 years of Scouting) - Micah's Tiger Den had birthday crowns, 100 glasses, place-mats, balloons, birthday cakes... it was a FUN table.  Trysten, Micah, Justice, and Grant show off their cool crowns and glasses.  
Almost all of the dens (and a few leaders and parents) participated in skits.  This is Micah's Den performing the "I Gotta Wee" skit.  Micah was the Weeeeeeee'er - he had so much fun.
Before Noah crossed over to Boy Scouts he was presented with the Packs SUPER ACHIEVER Award.  This Award is giving to WEBLO II Scouts who have gone above and beyond the requirements to cross over into Boy Scouts.  It symbolizes the earning of ALL 20 WEBLO Achievement pins.  Since Rob helped Noah earn the last 6 pins needed he (Rob) presented Noah with the plaque that he (Rob) designed and made for Noah.
Before we could leave the stage after Noah's award the Cub Master called our whole family up and presented us with a special award.  Noah has been with this Cub Scout Pack 232 since he was a Tiger.  Living in a transient military community overseas you can guess how rare that is.  To recognize Noah's years as well as our family's commitment to always volunteering int he Pack they presented us with a really cool picture frame to send Noah gratefully off to Boy Scouts.  
One of the first "award" potions of the banquet was the crossover.  This is where boys that have earned their Arrow of Light will officially cross over into Boy Scouts and leave Cub Scouting.  It is a very cool ceremony and there's lots of symbolic aspects.  First Scouts from every rank (Tigers to Boy Scouts) and leaders build a bridge that the boys will cross over.  Then as the Cub Scouts stand on one wide of the bridge their future fellow Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster wait on the other side of the bridge.  Before Noah leaves the Cub Scout pack they give him a parting gift - his brand new Boy Scout hand book.
Noah then stops halfway across the bridge where Scouts from his new troop take off his Cub Scout Epaulettes, neckerchief, and slide.  They then replace them with the Boy Scout Epaulettes and their troops neckerchief.  (Notice Noah's cool new boots)
Noah after he crossed over the bridge.  He is now officially a BOY SCOUT.  This is the Scout Master of his troop, Mr. Mol.
Here are all of the new Boy Scouts with some of the seasoned scouts who came to assist in today's ceremony.  As soon as this picture was taken Noah unloaded his stuff out of our van and into Mr. Mol's car.  Noah's new Boy Scout troop is camping this weekend and a couple of the Scouts and Mr. Mol left the campout to come to Noah's ceremony.  Since Noah is now a part of their troop they took him back to the campout where he officially starts his Boy Scout career.  ......and just like that, he left the banquet, left cub scouts, left mom, dad, his brother and sister without even a backward glance.  (okay, so I cried.... it was so wonderfully sad)
After the Boy Scout portion was over it was time for the Cub Scouts!  This is Micah's den accepting the FIRST PLACE award (a certificate and Den pizza party) for the best decorated table!!!  Congratulations Den 1!! 
After more table awards, door prizes, and skits it was time for the scouts to be awarded their rank patches.  The Tigers went up first.  Micah was so pleased.   It was really cool for him to watch his brother end his Cub Scouting adventure while he was just beginning his.  The patch is pinned on by the parent (upside down) with a Tiger pin.  Once the Scout completes a good deed he can sew the patch on his uniform right-side-up and give the pin to his parent.  
Micah's whole Tiger Den after being awarded their Tiger patches.

I wanted to include a close up of the awesome picture the pack presented our family with and the Super Achiever Award that Rob made for Noah.  What a day!  Noah is at his campout, but the rest of us are exhausted and plan to curl up on the couch and watch a movie!
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