Saturday, February 27, 2010

.......and just like that

The Blue and Gold Banquet celebrates Scouting anniversary week (when Boy Scouts of America was first founded in 1910).  The Pack that we belong to also uses this as the February Pack meeting and this is where the Cub Scouts will be awarded their Rank patches and 5th grade scouts will cross over into Boy Scouts.  This years banquet was held on a Saturday afternoon with lunch (sandwiches).  It was a fun-filled time with lots of skits, awards, food, and laughs.  It was also really special for our family, but I will let my pictures and captions do the explaining......
This is the year Noah is crossing over to Boy Scouts.  He has worked super hard to get to this point in his scouting career. We tried to make this Blue and Gold a little more special for Noah than all the previous years.  We started with a sleepover on Friday night with his best friend (also named Noah).  On Saturday morning before we left for the banquet we (Mom and Dad) presented Noah with a present to help him transition into Boy Scouts - a new pair of AWESOME Gortex hiking boots.
Every year the different dens in the Pack decorate their tables with the theme for the year.  This years theme was Happy Birthday BSA (or 100 years of Scouting) - Micah's Tiger Den had birthday crowns, 100 glasses, place-mats, balloons, birthday cakes... it was a FUN table.  Trysten, Micah, Justice, and Grant show off their cool crowns and glasses.  
Almost all of the dens (and a few leaders and parents) participated in skits.  This is Micah's Den performing the "I Gotta Wee" skit.  Micah was the Weeeeeeee'er - he had so much fun.
Before Noah crossed over to Boy Scouts he was presented with the Packs SUPER ACHIEVER Award.  This Award is giving to WEBLO II Scouts who have gone above and beyond the requirements to cross over into Boy Scouts.  It symbolizes the earning of ALL 20 WEBLO Achievement pins.  Since Rob helped Noah earn the last 6 pins needed he (Rob) presented Noah with the plaque that he (Rob) designed and made for Noah.
Before we could leave the stage after Noah's award the Cub Master called our whole family up and presented us with a special award.  Noah has been with this Cub Scout Pack 232 since he was a Tiger.  Living in a transient military community overseas you can guess how rare that is.  To recognize Noah's years as well as our family's commitment to always volunteering int he Pack they presented us with a really cool picture frame to send Noah gratefully off to Boy Scouts.  
One of the first "award" potions of the banquet was the crossover.  This is where boys that have earned their Arrow of Light will officially cross over into Boy Scouts and leave Cub Scouting.  It is a very cool ceremony and there's lots of symbolic aspects.  First Scouts from every rank (Tigers to Boy Scouts) and leaders build a bridge that the boys will cross over.  Then as the Cub Scouts stand on one wide of the bridge their future fellow Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster wait on the other side of the bridge.  Before Noah leaves the Cub Scout pack they give him a parting gift - his brand new Boy Scout hand book.
Noah then stops halfway across the bridge where Scouts from his new troop take off his Cub Scout Epaulettes, neckerchief, and slide.  They then replace them with the Boy Scout Epaulettes and their troops neckerchief.  (Notice Noah's cool new boots)
Noah after he crossed over the bridge.  He is now officially a BOY SCOUT.  This is the Scout Master of his troop, Mr. Mol.
Here are all of the new Boy Scouts with some of the seasoned scouts who came to assist in today's ceremony.  As soon as this picture was taken Noah unloaded his stuff out of our van and into Mr. Mol's car.  Noah's new Boy Scout troop is camping this weekend and a couple of the Scouts and Mr. Mol left the campout to come to Noah's ceremony.  Since Noah is now a part of their troop they took him back to the campout where he officially starts his Boy Scout career.  ......and just like that, he left the banquet, left cub scouts, left mom, dad, his brother and sister without even a backward glance.  (okay, so I cried.... it was so wonderfully sad)
After the Boy Scout portion was over it was time for the Cub Scouts!  This is Micah's den accepting the FIRST PLACE award (a certificate and Den pizza party) for the best decorated table!!!  Congratulations Den 1!! 
After more table awards, door prizes, and skits it was time for the scouts to be awarded their rank patches.  The Tigers went up first.  Micah was so pleased.   It was really cool for him to watch his brother end his Cub Scouting adventure while he was just beginning his.  The patch is pinned on by the parent (upside down) with a Tiger pin.  Once the Scout completes a good deed he can sew the patch on his uniform right-side-up and give the pin to his parent.  
Micah's whole Tiger Den after being awarded their Tiger patches.

I wanted to include a close up of the awesome picture the pack presented our family with and the Super Achiever Award that Rob made for Noah.  What a day!  Noah is at his campout, but the rest of us are exhausted and plan to curl up on the couch and watch a movie!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I made scones and bought clotted cream to take to a tea party (for home school Moms), but before I left the kids tried some scones with their afternoon coffee.  All 3 of my kids LOVE coffee.  And they didn't think the scones were half bad either.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our Valentine's weekend was pretty low-key due to snowy weather and viruses floating around the area.  Lat week the kids and I all got haircuts, but we also have been stuffy and fighting off colds and flues (it's this ENDLESS SNOW and COLD weather) so I haven't really had an opportunity to take pictures.  We've gotten a few more inches of snow and done a little sledding, we've still got Tango here visiting for a few more days, we're anxiously awaiting our favorite little preemie's homecoming (Lord willing this week), and getting ready for the cub scout Blue & Gold Banquet later this month.  There will be lots of picture opportunities and blog posts, but for now here's just a couple of random shots for a random post.  (above are the flowers mom got from her sweetheart for Valentine's Day). 

Micah and Noah were helping Daddy put together and take apart a piece of furniture and Daddy was teaching them how to use his power drill.  Micah is sporting a new gap in his smile and his new haircut.  
With all the snow and illness we always have a puzzle going - this is the latest one we all put together over the past week or so.  We've also been playing lots of games.  Noah is learning how to play cribbage and Micah is learning solitaire.

Sarah also got a haircut last week.  She wasn't happy with it AT ALL, but we came home and "fixed" it as best we could and she is happy with it now - BANGS! Today she was FINALLY having a good hair day so we could take pictures and post them!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scout Sunday

Today was Scout Sunday.  The boys wore their uniforms to church, Noah played piano during the offeratory ("Great is Thy Faithfulness"), and Pastor Sadler awarded the boys their religious knot pins, patches, and certificates that they earned.  The boys had to take a special class to earn this patch. 
I had someone grab a picture of the whole family with the boys in their uniforms.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Order of the Arrow

Four Members of the Order of the Arrow address the boys

The Order of the Arrow is a select group of Boy Scouts elected by their peers in recognition of scouts who best exemplifying the ideals of Scouting. The Order of the Arrow was kind enough to put on a ceremony for the local Cub Scouts who were earning their Arrow of Light award. The Arrow of Light award is the highest award available to Cub Scouts. It has taken Noah 2 years to complete all the requirements for this award and it was an awesome experience and honor to have it presented to him by members of the Order of the Arrow that are also young men in the troop he is planning on crossing over into. After the Order of the Arrow ceremony Noah's Cub Scout Den Leaders presented him with some achievement awards, patches, and his Arrow of Light plaque. This plague represents all Noah's achievements in cub scouting and acknowledges all the time and effort he put into being a cub scout.

Noah was just presented with his Arrow of Light award
WEBLOS and other scouts from many different packs and dens came out to see the ceremony.
Noah is presented with his plaque and other achievments by his den leaders.
Noah's AWESOME Arrow of Light plaque.  All his achievments in cub scouting are represented on the arrow by the different bands.  This is the highest and last award Noah will receive as a Cub Scout, he will be bridging over to Boy Scouts in a ceremony later this month

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Beyond the Lamppost

I took the camera on my walk with the dogs this morning (we still have our visiting friend, Tango, for another week or so).  These pictures were taken on the trail where I usually go for my run.  The weather and a knee injury have prevented me from running since the beginning of January, but I still have to get that puppy out every morning or he drives me insane.  I will start physical therapy this week and they're predicting warmer temps by the end of today already, so hopefully I can get back to training by the middle of February.  Yesterday morning the trail was BREATHTAKING with the *freshly fallen (silent shroud of snow, for my S&G fan friends, sorry but that song was running through my head the entire walk yesterday) ) additional 2" we got over the night.  This morning I remembered to take the camera with me on my walk - the lighting wasn't as good today because the sun was hidden behind more grey snow clouds that are supposed to dump 1 - 2" this morning.  If you look closely you can see my little black puppy in some of these shots, having the time of his life and sniffing after rabbit, deer, and other dog's trails.
* lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock".